Gabby Zonneveld Breaks Down Mid-Audition On 'American Idol' & We Really Want to Know What Happened

You know things are getting really dramatic on American Idol when they leave you with a cliffhanger. Gabby Zonneveld of St. Paul, Minnesota began her Hollywood Week audition off strong, but then something happened — and I'm not really sure what that something was. All of a sudden the 16-year-old stopped mid-song and got panicked. Does she recover? Does she get sent home? We won't know until tomorrow, but I have some ideas as to what happened.

Zonneveld was doing so well with Delta Rae's "Bottom of the River." The beginning of her performance was strong, she seemed confident, and she was putting in her all. Then she just stopped and appeared to break into tears. Very strange behavior for someone who was doing such a great job. Here are my theories...

Theory one: She forgot the lyrics. This is a common mistake — one that was made by at least one stand out performer earlier in the day. As common as it is, though, it can be very hard to recover from — especially when it's the most important audition of your life. I once forgot the lyrics to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" at a concert — seriously, who forgets the lyrics to that song? — so I feel your pain, girl. If this is the case, Zonneveld probably picked the song back up where she left it or asked to start again. Either way, she most likely came back stronger than when she started and locked in a pass to the next round.

Theory two: All her stress and nerves hit her at once. Zonneveld wanted so badly to please her mom and thank her for getting her so far in her career already by giving an impressive audition. She probably made the slightest mistake — one that no viewer would ever realize — and realized all her fears at once, prompting a breakdown. If this is the case, she either a) goes into total breakdown mode and runs off the stage, resulting in her being eliminated, or b) she recovers, explains herself to the judges, and gets sent through to the next round out of pity.

What do you think? Either way, I hope Zonneveld gets another chance because she seems to be a really great performer with a passion for her work. Every artist has had a breakdown or two, haven't they? Cut her some slack.

Tune in tomorrow night to see what happens!

Image: YouTube - IdolxVoice