'How To Get Away With Murder' Recap Of Lila's Murder, Because We're Going To Solve This If It's The Last Thing We Do

How to Get Away With Murder is back, and while we finally know the answer to who killed Sam Keating — it was Wes, protecting his main squeeze Rebecca — we're no closer to solving Lila Stangard's murder. In fact, we might be getting even further away after Thursday's episode "Hello Raskolnikov." Though it was revealed that Lila was indeed pregnant with Sam's baby — and that Sam knew about it and encouraged her to have an abortion — Sam's sister Hannah came to his defense (albeit post-mortem) and told everyone that Sam was not a murderer, and that she could prove it. That would have been great news for Sam... if he didn't already get whacked. Sam won't be convicted for the crime of murdering Lila, and it looks like he didn't actually kill her at all — after all, what kind of mystery show would reveal the murderer so easily? Someone else killed Lila, and there's something we're missing.

Now that we're back to square one, there's only one thing left to do: go back over everything we know happened to Lila before her body was found. Lila was a bit of an enigma — she was dating a star football player and sleeping with her professor in secret — but we do have a bit of information on what she was doing before she was found in that water tank. (Ugh, the thought gives me nightmares.) Here's what we know so far about Lila prior to her murder — now let's see how these clues stack up.

She Was Dating Griffin

...and, you know, cheating on Griffin. With her professor. Who just happened to be married. She won't exactly win the #1 girlfriend award, but it doesn't seem like Griffin was particularly faithful, either — he hooked up with Rebecca behind her back. Still, is there a chance that Griffin learned about their affair and murdered Lila for cheating? It's totally possible.

She's From A Wealthy Family

Though the Stangard family isn't discussed at great length on the show, the family is often talked about as being wealthy and well-connected. That might not mean very much — it could just be a part of the reason why Lila's murder is so heavily publicized. But Lila's family connections could also be a bigger aspect of the murder than we originally realized — assuming we don't know the murderer yet, or, at the very least, their motivation for killing Lila, Lila's murder could have plenty to do with her family's wealth and power.

She Was Connected to Drug Dealers

Rebecca is included that bucket, but unless Rebecca has been faking us out the whole time, it doesn't seem like she's a likely suspect. Still, let's not forget that Lila dabbled in drug dealing and occasionally did drugs herself — her death could easily be related to a shady character she met through the illegal trade. That would make her relationship with Sam a red herring, but considering he's already dead, that might not be the worst thing for the mystery.

She Was Pregnant... and Didn't Have an Abortion

And, according to the paternity test results, the father was Sam. If we're operating under the assumption that Sam did not kill Lila, that might not matter very much. But there are people who might be angry with Lila for getting pregnant in the first place. Griffin asked her to take a virginity pledge — if she told him she was pregnant, he could have killed her out of anger. Then there's the chance that it was someone who was angry that Sam, specifically, got her pregnant. So far, the only person we know who saw some sort of connection between Lila and Sam was Bonnie, who sent her away after Lila came to the house looking for Professor Keating. Then there's the conspiracy theory that Professor Keating herself knew of this conversation and had Lila killed for sleeping with her husband. Likely? Not really. But it would be the biggest twist that the show could have pulled on us.

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