Katy Perry Is Getting An iPhone Game & We Hope These Features Make The Cut

Sorry, fans of Kim Kardashian Hollywood, but it's time to get ready for your next iPhone obsession: Katy Perry is getting her own video game app. The singer has signed a deal with Glu Mobile, the same company that launched Kardashian's game, and we can expect to see her own app debut later this year. Glu isn't revealing much about the content of the game yet, but the company has said it will feature her "voice, likeness, and personality, [and] the game will introduce players to a digital playground of global success and talent."

Glu’s chief executive Niccolo de Masi told The Guardian, "Ultimately the Katy Perry title and its specificities will be under wraps until it comes out. But I think it’s fair to say that it’s not going to be a shooter [game]." Instead he said we can expect "something closer to a narrative-based RPG makes a lot of sense than an action-RPG for example."

It's probably fair to say the game will operate in a similar way to Kardashian's and will hopefully be more interesting than Lindsay Lohan's game, which just rewards you based on how quickly you're able to swipe the screen.

But since the specific content of the game is still up for debate, I have a few ideas for what I hope it will feature.

The Super Bowl Experience


OK, I mostly just want this so I can hang out with Left Shark. But I also think being a virtual version of Perry and going through the prep for the big day could be fun. It would be like a behind-the-scenes look at what it took to put the show together, and then, after working your way up, you could actually perform alongside Left Shark on the big day. (She loves the dancing sharks as much as the rest of us, so this could totally be do-able.)

A Katy Perry Fashion Studio

Maybe the game will capitalize on Perry's unique brand of style and will let you create Perry-inspired costumes and fun-colored wigs for your character to wear.

A Karaoke-Style Game

Perry is a singer, after all. Maybe her app will be karaoke-themed, and you'll have to try to sing her songs on key to unlock achievements.

Shooting a Music Video

Her sets are so creative. I would totally love to pretend to shoot music videos in her app.

The Evolution of Her Career

Most likely, this is the version of the game we'll get. As it's being made by the same company as Kardashian's game, I'm betting they'll go with a "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" mentality. Kardashian's path to fame game did very well for them, and I'm sure a similar Perry version will too. Your avatar can start out as a young singer just trying to gain traction, and you'll move through the ranks as you get better.

I'd be fine with this version of the game because it can encompass all my other ideas. You could dress your avatar, do music video shoots, and maybe even work your way up to playing the Super Bowl. Just please, please let there be dancing sharks.

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