Vine Prankster Makes Kids Cry By Telling Them Katy Perry Is Dead — VIDEO

The most important thing to note here is that Katy Perry is not dead. This is not a post about Katy Perry being dead. This is a post about a kid who thought it would be funny to tell younger kids that Katy Perry died in order to make them cry, and post the resulting "funny" videos to Vine. Vine user NizzyStraws215 clearly doesn't have a solid grasp on what constitutes humor. Last time we checked, it wasn't pretending someone died in order to make small children distraught with grief. But hey, some people think rape jokes are funny, so...I guess this is the world we live in.

Maybe I'm being a little hard on him. He is, after all, a kid too. And kids are kind of dumb and don't get jokes anyway. But still, the schadenfreude is mildly disconcerting. The first two children the boy tells about Katy Perry's "death", a younger girl and boy, are absolutely heartbroken. The girl's face is soaked in tears and her face contorted. The boy screams as he tries to lift up a large couch, presumably in an anger/grief fueled rage. I'm not going to give Nizzy any credit for making these kids cry, but I will give him and A+ for marketing effort. With the hashtag #KatyPerryDiedPrank, he really could have started something. Unfortunately for Nizzy, the two other kids subjected to the "prank" weren't as moved by Katy's death as Nizzy's friends were (which is the actual punchline here).