What's The Song In The "Play With Oreo" Commercial? Get Ready To Dance To This Duo's Music — VIDEOS

There is a new Oreo commercial, so you know what that means: There is some new adorable animation for our eyes and a new adorable song for our ears! Before this commercial popped up on our TV sets, there was an Oreo ad jingle by Chromeo, another by Tegan and Sara, and another by Owl City. So, who’s behind the cute little ditty about stacking, twisting, and dunking the beloved sandwich cookie in the latest commercial? The song in the "Play With Oreo" ad is by French electro-pop duo Yelle.

OK, as much as this ad makes me want to stop typing right this second, hop in my car, drive to the grocery store, sprint to the cookie aisle, and grab armfuls of Oreo packages, it REALLY makes me want to listen to Yelle. Give me "Complètement Fou", "Comme Un Enfant", and "Safari Disco Club" right now, please!

Another noteworthy Yelle contribution to the music world: a remix of a song by Katy Perry, Leader of the Dancing Sharks. (If you thought you'd escaped the Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show references, think again. MAY LEFT SHARK STAY IN OUR HEARTS FOREVER!!!!!) Yelle's remix of Perry's 2008 hit single "Hot N Cold" is a blast:

thebmmc on YouTube

You know what sounds like a great time? Wearing a shark costume, eating Oreos, and dancing around to Yelle. I gotta make that happen.

Image: OREO Cookie/YouTube