Lingerie For Couples Who've Been Together Forever

Lingerie shopping can be very, very difficult — especially if it's for a special occasion like Valentine's Day. First, there's the issue of trying lingerie on which, without the proper lighting, can be a nightmare in and of itself. Second, there's the "is this too crazy?" or "how do I even fit this on my body?" questions that are thrown around while shopping. And, third, there's always a moment of, "Can I pull this off? Am I ever going to wear this again?" Now, ladies, let me assure you that you are absolutely fabulous and anyone can pull of anything if they really want to — but I still understand the question. Lingerie for couples who have been dating for a while can be especially daunting. How are you supposed to find something that won't make you both crack up?

When you've been dating someone for forever, and you have what feels like a million Valentine's Days under your belt, sometimes shopping for lingerie can be even more overwhelming. Sure, you both love each other and are totally comfortable with one another, but sometimes that level of comfort can make the whole lingerie thing seem a little too serious. But thanks to the Internet, there's a whole lingerie world out there no matter what your taste. Lingerie doesn't have to be complicated and intimidating to be sexy, and if you happen to be looking for something low-key (but also hot) to wear for your SO this holiday season, here are nine awesome options.

1. Something Quirky

Skivvies Be Mine Bra, $78, Nasty Gal

This bra is sexy while still being cute, playful, and relaxed. Not only that but it'll last past Valentine's Day; it's something you could usually wear again under a dark T-shirt or while just lounging around.

2. A Bralette

ASOS Caged Lace Bralette, $30.32, Asos

A bralette that has a little more fabric to it can be just the right amount of flirty, while still being comfortable. The lace + straps also add a little fun to the look.

3. Sexy In Any Color

Dita Von Teese Star Life Fuller Figure Bra, 79.59, Asos

Since when is sexy lingerie limited to red and black? There's a whole world of options that are totally stunning when you opt for different colors. This teal set is drop-dead gorgeous — a little sexier than everyday wear, but not out of the question for rocking year-round.

4. Sweet and Simple

Triangle Bra, $14.95, H&M

Why buy a complicated, confusing corset-stockings-strappy situation when you can buy a sweet and totally sexy bra for $15? Exactly.

5. A Romper

Chiffon Lace Slit Front Teddy, $53.06, Asos

It's basically just like sexy pajamas. There aren't any complicated strings or straps. Comfy and sexy together: It's possible.

6. Robes: They're Sexier Than You Think

Star Robe, $56.85, Asos

OK, so maybe your first thought is, "Ew, a robe? So lame." But if you want to save money and still go for something sexy, opt for the robe and nothing else. Scandalous, I know.

7. Ask Yourself: "Could This Double As A Crop Top?"

Skivvies She's A Knockout Bra, $125, Nasty Gal

If the answer is in any way yes, then you've got yourself both a sexy piece of lingerie and a good investment.

8. Babydoll

L'Agent by Agent Provacateur, $142.13, Asos

Babydoll dresses/lingerie sets are incredibly comfortable while still being classically sexy. It's a win, win.

9. Classic Black

Chiffon & Lace Crop Bra, $34.11, Asos

I know I rooted for splashes of color earlier in this list, but hey, you really can't go wrong classic with black and lace.