Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" House Has Creepy Past

In "Blank Space," Taylor Swift told us all that "it" was "gonna be forever" or it was "gonna go down in flames" — and it looks like we finally got our answer to just exactly what it was going to be: The house that the pop star used for her epic music video for "Blank Space" has reportedly done the latter. The Woolworth Mansion on Long Island, New York (yes, it's on, not in, Long Island) has been "severely damaged" by a blaze just months after Swift warned the world about the potential fire in her song.

Though, thankfully, no one was inside the home at the time, it reportedly took firefighters over two hours to put out, and caused millions of dollars in property damage. So, is the "Blank Space" singer really a psychic whose catchy single is so powerful it has the ability to actually bend the elements? It's quite possible — or it could be the ghost haunting Woolworth Mansion.

That's right, a "ghost." Apparently, the Woolworth Mansion is just one of the many places on Long Island with its very own ghost story — you know, if you believe that sort of thing. The mansion, located in the town of Glen Cove, was built by Franklin Winfield Woolworth of the Woolworth's household stores in 1916 after Woolworth's first mansion was destroyed in yet another "mysterious" fire.

Spooked? It gets worse: According to legend, the spirit of Woolworth's second daughter Edna lurks the mansion halls. Edna allegedly committed suicide in 1917 — according to the New York Times, she was found "suffocated" in her room of the Plaza Hotel in New York City. After her death, visitors allegedly heard sounds of "moving furniture" coming from behind her locked bedroom door — despite the fact that no one was living in that room.

The legend is super creepy, and I wouldn't be that surprised if Swift picked the mansion specifically for its eerie lore. After all, it's not the only location used to film the "Blank Space" video — Swift also filmed at the Oheka Castle on Long Island, which has a pretty cool history of its own, if not also one that's a little bit less disturbing. It certainly does give the music video character, even though I'm not sure Swift needed it — she's a pretty wild character herself.

Here's the video, in case you needed a refresher/wanted to watch it over for the 60th time:

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