Cat With Leukemia Dresses In The Most Fabulous Costumes To Sit For Amazing Portraits — PHOTOS

Pet owner Jason McGroarty has taken a situation that could have been sad and difficult and has made it into awesome—and glamorous—opportunity to bond with his cat instead. The Irish photographer writes that his cat, Hummus (can we pause for a second to appreciate that “Hummus” is an amazing name for a cat?) was diagnosed with Feline Leukemia as a kitten, and therefore has to stay close to home due to risks that she might fall ill or expose other cats to the disease. He assures us that Hummus is a happy cat despite her limitations; on his Behance page, he writes that “she loves running around the house all day and chasing her toys in the garden” and—this is the fun part—modeling glamorous costumes in weekly photography sessions. While some cats would rather chew off heir own legs than wear clothes, McGroarty insists that Hummus loves her photo shoots and isn’t shy about throwing tantrums when she wants to be in the limelight. He writes, “She has to do a new look every week as she gets bored very easily and she tends to break things around the house if she doesn't get her weekly dose of media attention.” Sounds like Hummus just about ready to join the illustrious ranks of the great model divas.

I’m fairly skeptical of cats-in-costumes photos at this point, but these pictures are more than your average blurry-iPhone-image-of-my-cat-looking-miserable-in-a-sweater photos. McGroarty’s “fashions” are surprisingly ornate and luxurious; in most of the images, Hummus looks positively regal. Much of the credit can go to Hummus herself, who poses, pouts, and smizes her furry tail off. Her portrayal of a vampire is particularly purr-fect, and, despite her illness, she appears to be feline good overall.

Enh? Feline good? OK, fine. That was terrible. Just enjoy the pretty pictures.

If you think the décor in your apartment would benefit from some fine feline photography (and whose wouldn’t?), you can purchase prints at McGroarty’s Esty shop.

Images: Jason McGroarty/Etsy (8)