These 3 'Friends' Reunited Over Some Dinner

Whenever any members of the Friends cast get together, it's automatically a reunion, at least for those of us who are still obsessed with the '90s comedy. So for any fans out there, I have some good news. According to Page Six, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, and Lisa Kudrow met up for dinner at Hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles on Wednesday night. Per an insider, "They were in great spirits, laughing and having a great time."

Well, duh. Would we expect anything less? Now, I don't know about you, but anytime I heart about any of these beloved Friends hanging out, I wonder just what they're talking about. Do they talk about the show, their characters, the storylines, etc.? Or, do they discuss life and the weather? Um, I'm going to go with the former, because that's what I hope they chat about over their meals.

With that said, let's have some fun and speculate about what they talked about. Of course, it will be all Friends-related chit-chat. So, here are six questions I hope these three fabulous women pondered, and, yes, I'm sure it included some talk about Chandler, Ross, and Joey. If not, we can just pretend.

Should one count Mississippilessly?

Answer: Never when you're getting a spray tan.

Is Monica still competitive?

Answer: Duh.

How is Joey doin'?

Answer: He's probably still loving on pizza and women.

Do you think Phoebe ever got that record deal?

Answer: Nah, but that doesn't mean she's stopped singing.

Is Chandler still using jokes as a defense mechanism?

Answer: Ha! Could that be more of a silly question?

Were Ross and Rachel really on a break?

Answer: We'll never agree on this.

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