The BEST Way To Respond To Harassment Involves TLC

Most of us can speak to the highly uncomfortable cultural phenomenon that is being verbally engaged by a bottom-feeder trying to snag your digits while you're just out in the world minding your business. Because this has worked for exactly zero creeps but persists regardless, author and blogger Olivia A. Cole was thoughtful enough to tweet about two women who responded to their harasser with TLC lyrics from “No Scrubs.”

It may be helpful to reiterate a point from above here: I have never in my lifetime known pick up artists to find success by literally howling at a thing they desire. “THING, WANT,” is essentially what it sounds like when strange men harass women with requests for their phone numbers or solicit them for sex. So Cole was riding the subway when one such instance occurred. A rando began hustling a woman for her number, and she initially ignored his advances. "Come on. I want your number. You're so pretty. You don't want my number?" he allegedly chided. After persistent badgering, she decided she’d had enough of the b.s. Take a look for yourself:

Amazing, no? Read Cole's whole account on Storify. I'm just going to leave this here for you: