Bobbi Kristina Brown Clip Of Her Last Public Appearance Is So Devastating To Watch

The situation surrounding Bobbi Kristina Brown is unimaginable, for both the family of the young star and fans alike. On July 26, Bobbi Kristina Brown died after being hospitalized and unresponsive for six months. Back in January, paramedics were called to Brown's home after she was found by her longtime partner Nick Gordon and a friend unconscious in her bathtub on January 31. Shortly after, paramedics were able to get Brown breathing again, and she was rushed to the hospital where she was eventually put in a medically-induced coma and on life support. In the months that followed, her family, including her father, Bobby Brown, gave fans updates on her condition. Most recently, on June 24, 32 before her death, her aunt Pat Houston shared that Brown was moved to hospice care.

It's truly a tragic incident. Brown was so young, and it goes without saying that she leaves behind such a poignant legacy. Unfortunately, however, it's one that fans rarely got the real chance to discover: Her final public appearance, which took place outside of a Roswell, Georgia CVS drugstore on January 20. In the clip, Brown is seen spotted by paparazzi outside of the establishment with her partner, Nick Gordon. Photographers try to find out if Brown watched Lifetime's biopic about her mother, Houston, that recently aired, but Brown refuses to speak with reporters. It's haunting to watch, in a way, and really indicates how insensitive the media could often be when handling the topic of her late mother's tragic death that took place in 2012:

Additionally, on the same day she was originally found and hospitalized, Brown posted a photo on Instagram — ultimately, the last we would ever see of her, a selfie of her with friend Edwin Demarco. As often occurs in the face of overwhelming tragedy, fans are left struggling to understand and work through the pain. And, while this may only be a small token of light in this grim darkness, it's will hopefully still bring some comfort to those searching for answers:

Brown was 22.