Wanna See A Life-Sized Christian Grey Cake?

Well, if you've ever had the desire to take a bite out of Fifty Shades of Grey's title character, Christian Grey, two things: One, no worries, this is totally a judgment free-zone. And, two, good news — now you can! Turns out, for the Sugarcraft, Cake Decorating, and Baking Show (and probably in an effort to honor the upcoming film release of Fifty Shades Of Grey (set to hit theaters on Feb. 13), in Manchester, United Kingdom, one baker created not one, but two life-size Christian Grey cakes

If you are a Jamie Dornan fan, however, don't get too hyped up — the baker wanted to emphasize that the cakes are modeled after the character of Christian Grey described in the Fifty Shades of Grey book, not after Dornan's portrayal of him. Dummer explained, "My team member Annabel, who made the head, was not trying to model Jamie Dornan at all but was basing him on the character from the book, who is ginger and a little more rugged." (I mean, it still looks a bit like Dornan if Dornan was a character in Twilight or something, but maybe that just means the film's got the casting right?)

Anyway, in total Fifty Shadesstyle, these cakes are pretty racy — well, at least, they're as racy as cakes can be. One cake shows a shirtless Christian Grey with a towel wrapped around his neck and his pants unbuttoned, while the other is more professional with the character wearing a nice grey suit. As Dummer explained: “The book theme is a little controversial so we didn’t want to offend anyone. By keeping anything racy inside we left it up to the viewer whether they wished to go inside.”

Check the cakes below.

Fifty Shades Of Grey, starring Dornan and Dakota Johnson, will hit theaters on Feb. 13.