Lauryn Hill Has Already Recorded a New Song Hours After Being Released From Prison

That was fast. At this rate, maybe we'll get a new album in a few years! Mere hours after being released from a prison sentence she was serving for tax evasion, Lauryn Hill has already released a new song — and go figure, based on its lyrics, it's about consumerism. In fact, it's actually called "Consumerism," so you can't exactly make any mistakes as to what it's about.

Hill released the track via her SoundCloud account, along with the following message:

The track certainly sees Hill going in on socio-economic issues, with lyrics (spit out lightning-fast) like "Satan is running through them like a politician/ Hedonism, nihilism/ Hypocriticism, narcissism." She's got some feelings.

You can check out the new track below.