10 'The Breakfast Club' Facts You Didn't Know About the Classic '80s Film

It may be 30 years since The Breakfast Club first premiered on February 15, but the movie is still just as relevant today as it was in 1985. Just like in the movie, kids in high schools today are still separated out into cliques, adults still don't understand teens, and detention still blows. (I'd assume. I've never been in it, but I empathize with those who have. Especially if it was held on a Saturday.) But while you've probably seen the movie a ton of times, you may not know these Breakfast Club facts, and knowing them really enhances the viewing process.

Even though the movie itself never gets old (director John Hughes is a master at that), it's always fun to know a little more about your favorite films. Then you can be that person who shouts out trivia the next time you watch with friends. They'll love you for that. No, really. These facts are cool. If people told them to me while I was watching I wouldn't get mad at all. Besides everyone's seen The Breakfast Club, so you wouldn't really be ruining the experience or talking over lines people haven't heard 10 times already.

So celebrate the 30th anniversary of one of the most iconic '80s films with these fun facts.

Judd Nelson Was Almost Fired

Molly Ringwald revealed that director John Hughes almost fired Nelson for being rude to Ringwald off set. She explained the situation to the New York Times in 2010.

That Bender Joke Doesn't Have a Punchline

watermelonz95 on YouTube

According to Judd Nelson, his "naked blonde" joke was totally ad-libbed. In the scene when Bender is crawling through the air duct to get back to the detention room, he starts telling himself the following joke, but the punch line is never revealed because he falls through the ceiling and can't finish it.

Originally the writers wanted a joke that ended with the punchline "forgot my pencil" which is what Bender tells the group is his reason for coming back. But no one could think of a joke with that punchline so Bender ad-libbed the joke about the naked blonde instead.

Thanks to a thread on Reddit asking people to come up with an end to his made-up joke, we have a semblance of answer after all these years. One person suggested this as the end of the pun.

Ah, the powers of the Internet.

Allison's Dandruff Was Just Cheese

When Ally Sheedy's character sprinkles dandruff on her picture to make snow, she was really just shaking parmesan cheese out of her hair. You can decide for yourself whether that's more or less gross.

Anthony Michael Hall's Real Family Was in the Movie

His mother Mercedes Hall and younger sister Mary Christian played his on-screen mother and sister.

John Hughes Plays Brian's Father

When Anthony Michael Hall's character gets picked up at the end of the film, director John Hughes is playing his father.

The Actors Were Sent Into a Real High School For Experience

Nelson detailed the experience to Movie Fone in 2010.

Estevez was immediately recognized from his time in The Outsiders, but Nelson lived it up and even got sent to the principal's office for being in the hall after class started.

The Film Was Written In Two Days

Conversely it took me about a week to write this article so I guess I don't have the talent (or more accurately the perseverance) of John Hughes. Sigh. Curse my short attention span and desire to watch Netflix in between successfully written paragraphs.

Ally Sheedy Suggested That David Bowie Quote

The actress told Movie Fone that she found the film's opening quote and showed it to Hughes who eventually lead the movie with it, but never told her. She found out when she saw the film along with everyone else.

Bender's Costume Was Just Judd Nelson's Clothes

Anthony Michael Hall says he remembers the day he was cast because Nelson was there in all his Bender glory. "He had the boots, the overcoat. Judd was just there, bringing it," he told Movie Fone.

That Lipstick Trick Wasn't Real

ccorrea80 on YouTube

During Molly Ringwald's Reddit AMA in 2012, she admitted that she can't put her lipstick on using her boobs.

Ah the magic of movies.

The Breakfast Club is being remastered and rereleased on Blu-Ray March 10, and will also be shown in select theatres.

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