20 Valentine's Day Gifts For Men You Love, Whether It's Your Boyfriend, Crush, Or Best Friend

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Having trouble finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for guys? Fear not, reader. We’ve got you covered. Whether it's your boyfriend, your best friend, or simply a man in your life you’d like to do something special for, Feb. 14th is a great opportunity to remind him you think he's great (especially if you’re both single — exchanging valentines celebrating your mutual singledom can work wonders for a friendship).

I've put together a list of gift suggestions that sidestep the saccharine in favor of practicality (with a healthy dose of thoughtfulness). So hey, while you’re shopping for your male friend or significant other, feel free to shop for yourself as well. And be sure to head over to our “For Your BFF” and “For You” gift guides (because who says you can’t be your own Valentine?) to keep the spree rolling.

Image: Mamuka/Fotolia

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