L.L. Cool J And Ryan Seacrest Are Twinning At The 2015 Grammys In Identical Black And Blue Suits

Well this is awkward. Turns out rap artist L.L. Cool J and American Idol host with the most Ryan Seacrest wore the. exact. same. thing. to the 2015 Grammy Awards. Like, exactly. Luckily, the two took the coincidence in stride — Seacrest even posted a tweet featuring a screen grab of them alongside the blonde twins emoji, so I'm guessing no tears were shed.

Both men showed up at the Grammys red carpet sporting very stylish dark blue jackets with black lapels, black pants, and white shirts with black bow-ties. L.L. Cool J, who is hosting tonight's ceremony, accessorized with a black hat and diamond earring, so at least his look was a little bit blingier and more interesting.

I can't help but wonder if these two actually planned this. According to The Washington Post, Seacrest is wearing his own clothing line tonight, so maybe he gifted the same suit to L.L. Cool J? That would be way less hilarious than if they showed up looking the same by coincidence, like two middle school girls who accidentally bought the same dress from Bloomingdales for the Winter Formal. I'm choosing to imagine that it's the latter, because how funny would that be?

Too. Good.