Those Darn Youths Don't Know Who AC/DC Is

If there's one things the Grammys are good for, it's making you want to scream "DAMN YOUTHS!" into the Twittersphere. Just moments into the Grammys' opening performance by legendary rock band/newsboy fashion impresarios AC/DC, oodles of teenagers flooded Twitter with cries of, "Who even is ACDC?" and, "Why are these guys so old?" and of course, "Is this Metallica?" Ah, kids, will they ever learn? Thankfully, when the camera panned to Katy Perry, the lavendar-haired pop queen was jamming along proving to the kids of America that these old fogies are indeed cool.

Last year's Grammys were full of those young whipper snappers wondering who Ringo and Paul McCartney were — which, in my humble opinion is a far more grave offense than not knowing AC/DC. Sadly, this lack of classic rock knowledge is just par for the course since Pearl Jam and Nirvana are on oldies stations nowadays, I know fair readers, it hurts me, too. Though these tweets might make you feel incredibly old, they will at least make you feel a little smug in your superior knowledge of classic rock and all of the bands your older brother and his friends used to listen to when they were learning how to skateboard.

Read 'em and WEEP: