Katy Perry's Performance Gown Channels Solange

Since Katy Perry hit the spotlight back in 2000, I haven't been a fan. Her music has struck me as kitsch for the sake of being kitsch, and OTT without any kind of deeper message. When the video for "Firework" came out, I was pretty distressed by the whole, "Let's shoot rockets out of our boobs whilst 'less fortunate' children dance around," thing. So yeah: Most of the time, I just can't with K.P. But at tonight's 57th annual Grammy Awards, she kind of impressed me. It wasn't Katy's Zuhair Murad gown that did it. But rather, her truly heartfelt, chilling and profound performance of "By the Grace of God" on the Grammy stage. Everything from Katy's aesthetics (the slicked back hair and smokey eye) to the choreography behind her backdrop to the sultriness of her voice gave the performance a more genuine feel than I've ever seen Perry put on. But I also couldn't help but notice something else: Katy Perry's performance gown resembled that of another power gal we love to love — Solange Knowles. More specifically, Solange's wedding dress.

When Solange tied the knot last fall, the world couldn't stop talking about her multiple wedding ensembles, but the fan favorite was undoubtedly her caped, understated gown — and Katy's is almost an exact match (with the exception of a higher neckline, that is).

Social media is already noticing the similarity, and as usual, the public response is mixed. Personally, I think Solange is a superb style icon, and if Katy did garner some inspiration from Queen S, that's pretty okay in my book. Ultimately, I'm thrilled Katy left behind some of her more outrageous getups in favor of something so chic, timeless and elegant. The vision of this rendition of "By the Grace of God" deserved a lot of humility, tact and respectful attention, and Katy definitely delivered. Of course, I can't help but wonder if she'll hold onto this dress for her future nuptials...

Images: Getty; Instagram/lottadelicious