Everyone Wants Frankie Grande to Go Away

Look, I am one of the biggest Big Brother fans this side of the Mississippi. I will tune in every single year, and develop a inexplicable fondness for each and every (non-racist) contestant on the show. Hell, I might even help edit one of their books! But I was most definitely not alone in thinking one thing and one thing only during Sunday's Grammys telecast. No, not "Why is CBS so concerned with holding onto its 60 Minutes audience?" Instead, I found myself constantly thinking that Frankie Grande needed to be evicted from the Grammys ceremony. Because dude was everywhere.

Of course, this is not the first time Grande has attended an awards show. The reality star could previously be seen hanging off the arm of his sister, Ariana Grande, at the American Music Awards and more. But this year's Grammys was the first awards show where the cameras seemed to care that Grande was present. Seated at the end of his row, Grande was constantly in the TV shot, and even managed to score a few seconds of solo airtime when cameras panned to him during Paul McCartney, Rihanna, and Kanye West's performance of "FourFiveSeconds." Not Kim Kardashian. Not Ariana Grande. Not even any number of the septuagenarians who CBS invited to the ceremony this year who likely played with and knew McCartney. Nope, Frankie Grande, a man whose main contributions to entertainment over the last year include balancing an egg for longer than a dozen other people and inflating his worth on television.

But... why? Was CBS trying to get us pumped for next season of Big Brother? Does Ariana Grande have something on Les Moonves? Either way, viewers were liking the constant Frankie Grande visual less than they'd like a week on slop.

Sigh. That moment when you wished Zingbot hosted the Grammys.

Image: Giphy.com