Tom Hiddleston Had the Most Fun at the BAFTAs

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts awards on Sunday were a lot of fun for the winners, of course. But they were even fun for the attendees, most notably Tom Hiddleston, who celebrated the eve of his birthday with a trip to the ceremony. He may not have been nominated for anything, but Hiddleston had the most fun at the BAFTAs, which makes him a winner anyway.

To the delight of his many fans who haven't seen Hiddleston at any of the American award ceremonies this year, the actor was slotted to present at the BAFTAs and made the most of his appearance onstage and off. The actor arrived in style with a slick suit and bow tie and spent time chatting with fans on the red carpet before heading inside to present an award. Afterwards, he attended a star-studded after party, and I'll give you a hint: Cumberbatch was also there and, yes, there is photographic evidence of the two BFFs.

It's fitting that Hiddles had such a good time considering the awards took place on the night before his 34th birthday. There's no better way to celebrate than by going to the BAFTAs, and Hiddleston wasn't letting any moment go to waste. Here are nine times he had the most fun on Sunday night.

When He Showed Up in a Jaguar

A nice car for a nice man.

And Then Ran Down the Red Carpet

He just couldn't wait to start his night!

When He Smoldered on the Red Carpet

Look at that stare and smile. It's like he knows exactly what he's doing to all of us.

And Made Fans Super Happy

He's seriously the sweetest because, while not everyone stops for fans, he almost always does.

When He Presented Alongside Mark Strong

And walked out with all the swagger in the world. Seriously, watch that video at 1:00. Doesn't it look like Strong and Hiddleston are models strutting the catwalk?

When He Had the Best Time in the Audience

His smile lit up the whole room.

When He Draped Himself All Over Benedict Cumberbatch

I don't understand how these two are still standing, but I'm thrilled they were photographed in the same room.

When Loki Caught Up With The Hulk

Mark Ruffalo brought us this sweet selfie with the even more adorable caption: "Arch enemies, best friends."

When He Played the Saxophone at an After Party

The world owes Chris Miller, writer of The Lego Movie, a huge thank you for capturing this moment. I don't know why it's happening, but it makes me so happy that Hiddleston had such a great time at the BAFTAs on Sunday. What a great way to ring in another year of his life.

Images: mrslaufeyson/Tumblr; Screengrab/Youtube