Valentine's Day for Single Guys vs. Single Girls

Valentine's Day is least wonderful time of the year for people who are single — or at least, it is according to this video. Elite Daily asked a bunch of people the difference between being a single guy and a single girl on Valentine's Day, and, well... the answers kind of apply to everyone. Pizza, wine, and chocolate don't care who you are — they're always there for you when you need them.

First off, let me say that I have been single for many a Valentine's and it really isn't that bad. Sure, you can spend the night holed up in your apartment by yourself, gorging on drug store chocolates — but do you really want to purposefully amplify your own misery? When I'm single on Valentine's Day, I like to go out (provided it falls on the weekend) — and I can guarantee everyone else at the bar is also single and ready to mingle/commiserate. What other night of the year can you be sure that almost none of the hotties you talk to are going to turn around and say, "Sorry, I have a boyfriend/girlfriend"? That's right — none of them! Dare I say it? Being single on Valentine's Day might even be fun.

Now that you know what single me did on Valentine's Day (because you totally care), we can move onto the video, which asks a bunch of single comedians how they celebrate February 14th. Although the video itself paints the situation as a "Guys vs. Girls" kind of thing, let's face it: Their answers are applicable no matter who you are. Here's what the professional funny people of the world do; do you follow suit?

1. They Stalk Their Exes on Social Media

Comedians: They're just like us! Pro tip: if you have wandering fingers and are prone to the dreaded accidental Instagram double-tap, stay away from the Internet. I mean it.

2.They Eat a Ton of Pizza and Drink Wine

I don't know about the rest of you, but I don't think this activity has to be limited to Valentine's Day; ordering a pizza and drinking a ton of cheap wine (shout out to Barefoot) is my normal Friday routine. Of course, the fact that the pizza might be heart-shaped is V Day-specific, which might be worth cancelling your restaurant reservations for. Who doesn't love heart-shaped pizza?

3. Thank Their Lucky Stars They're Single Because It Saves Money

This one was attributed solely to single guys, but let's be real: No matter your gender, not having an SO to buy presents for saves you cash. And thus, you have more money to go out and party with all the other singles (wink, wink). Or to blow on pizza. Your call.

Grab your Barefoot and your heart-shaped box filled with mystery chocolate and watch the full video below.

Images: Elite Daily / YouTube (3)