What Should Brad & Angelina Name Their New Child?

With the news that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are allegedly in the process of adopting another child from Syria — a two-year old boy named Moussa — our brains immediately zeroed in on one of the most important factors of this whole rumor: what they're going to change his name to. It's a given that a happy, loving family like the Jolie-Pitts making room for another adopted child on their family tree is an incredibly heart-warming story, so let's skip that part for the moment and stop pretending like we aren't already racking our brains for potential names for this kid.

After all, I don't know if you've noticed, but every male member of the Brangie-bunch's name ends the same way; there's Maddox, 13, Pax, 11, and Knox, 5, all repping the end of the alphabet with that final 'x'. And their names are unique enough that there's no way it's an accident.

Now obviously, there's still a good chance that Brangelina won't change Moussa's name at all, or even that the rumor is completely fabricated, but, in case it's true and they're casting around for x-themed baby names, we came up with a list of nine of our favorites, just because we're helpful that way.

Now have at ye, Jolie-Pitts!


This name means 'king' in Latin, and was one of the names that was reportedly thrown around five years ago when the twins were born, so it's likely still in consideration.



We're covering a lot of bases with this one right off the b; not only does Pollux appear in Greek mythology as one half of the Gemini with his twin brother Castor, but it's also the name of a star, a mountain in the Alps, a crater on the surface of one of Saturn's moon, and most importantly... a character in Harry Potter. Jolie, if you're reading this right now — this name gives you the most bang for your buck.



Moussa would be joining a well-traveled family, so why not include a shout-out to Egypt in his new first name?


This one I'm probably biased for because it was my nickname in college, but it's also the name of an infamous Superman villain. That's pretty neat.


The word itself comes from the Latin for 'claw' or 'fingernail,' and describes a very interesting-looking banded mineral. It could also perhaps describe the youngest member of the Jolie-Pitt family...or a Pokemon character, when spelled with an 'i' instead of a 'y'. (But we don't need to tell him that.)


Let he who isn't a Jimi Hendrix fan cast the first stone.



Who wouldn't want to be named after a slinky predator with catlike reflexes?


I guess it's technically pretty bold to name your son 'Fox' and hope he's confident enough to pull it off non-ironically... but if there's one family in the world where that's assured, it's gotta be the Jolie-Pitts.


The family has always been drawn toward French names because of Jolie's heritage through her late mother Marcheline Bertrand, so Croix would be a perfect fit. It's a French word meaning 'cross,' which is basically an 'x,' making this the perfect option to end on.

Let me know which name you decide on, guys! And I won't even ask for royalties every time you use it! (Just every other time.)

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