Blue Ivy Played Guitar With Beck & Chris Martin

There's no doubt Beck had an amazing night at the 2015 Grammy Awards. Not only did Beck win Album of the Year (even if Kanye West disagreed), but he also had one amazing jam session backstage. As he told Us Weekly, Beck played guitar with Blue Ivy and Chris Martin. First things first: sadly, no, there is not a video of this, yet. With that said, that doesn't mean we can't talk about how amazing this must have been.

Per Beck, this was his favorite behind-the-scenes Grammy moment. He said," I got to jam on some Hank Williams with Blue and Chris Martin backstage. She's good on the guitar!"

Who else wants to see Beyoncé and Jay Z's daughter play the guitar? At three years old, Blue Ivy already sounds like she's embracing the musical talent that she inherited from her parents, right? Beyoncé and Jay Z better watch their backs, because before they know it, their daughter will be more popular and successful than they are. However, I'm sure they'd be totally fine with that. After all, she's their daughter and they love her. I have no doubt that they support her dreams, goals, and talents.

You know what? This isn't the first time Blue Ivy's stolen the show and the spotlight from her parents. Here are four other times she's done just that making everyone fawn all over her adorableness.

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I think she's imitating every Beyoncé fan.

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She's so feeling the music and her mama.

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Kanye would be proud.

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Jay Z who?

Images: Giphy (3); beyobsessed/Tumblr