'The Breakfast Club' Almost Cast These Other Actors In The 5 Iconic Roles

It's impossible to imagine The Breakfast Club without the likes of Molly Ringwald, Emilio Estevez, Anthony Michael Hall, Ally Sheedy, and Judd Nelson. But in the beginning stages of the movie the iconic cast almost looked very different. For the The Breakfast Club 's 30th anniversary, I took a look at the other actors who auditioned for Breakfast Club roles and you'll be shocked at who was almost in the core five.

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Claire Standish

The “princess” of the group was played by Molly Ringwald. But she almost was beaten out by these two other actresses…

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Jodie Foster

It’s hard to imagine anyone other than Molly Ringwald as Claire Standish, but Jodie Foster was one of the many actresses who reportedly auditioned for the role.

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Robin Wright

Once upon a time, the House of Cards star auditioned for Claire in The Breakfast Club. “It was always down to the wire between me and Molly Ringwald, and Molly always got the part,” Wright told the Huffington Post.


Allison Reynolds

The “basket case” was ultimately played by the talented Ally Sheedy. But she almost lost the role to another Breakfast Club member.

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Molly Ringwald

Director John Hughes was originally considering Ringwald for Allison. But Ringwald talked him into letting her play Claire instead. ”I was really upset because I wanted to play Claire, who was called Cathy at the time,” Ringwald told The New York Times. “She was so different from the way that I saw myself, and more the way I saw my older sister, because my sister was very popular.”

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John Bender

The ultimate bad boy was played by Judd Nelson. But he was the last character to be cast because John Hughes had so many actors to choose from.

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Emilio Estevez

Before he played “The Jock,” Estevez was considered for Bender. But Hughes reportedly couldn’t find anyone to play Andrew, and he moved Estevez to that role instead.


Nicolas Cage

A young Cage was considered for Bender but reportedly dropped out when his salary demands weren’t met.


John Cusack

John Hughes cast Cusack in the role but switched him out last minute because he thought Cusack wasn’t “threatening enough” for Bender.