The 16 Prettiest Vanities In The History Of Beauty

I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that my appreciation for all things beauty started when I was a little girl with my massive bubblegum pink Barbie vanity. It was my favorite toy for longer than it should've been, and while I wasn't actually putting any real makeup on, it somehow made me feel like a grown-up woman, right up there with my older sisters and mom. As I've gotten older, my taste in makeup has changed, from sparkly lipgloss and bright pink eyeshadows to matte lipsticks and a simple cat eye. Still, one thing remains the same — no matter what I'm keeping in my beauty arsenal, my need to display it in an organized vanity is a must.

For many of us apartment-dwellers, it might be difficult to imagine squeezing a vanity into your home. It's hard enough as it is to find enough counter space for all your face lotions alone, so an entire storage unit dedicated to your nail polishes might seem like something that only a Kardashian might have room to do. To that I say ludicrous! With a little bit of creativity and some inspiration from others, you might find that it's not as impossible as you may think. Here are 16 gorgeous vanities that'll motivate you to tidy up your beauty closet.

1. All White Everything

2. Minimalist Perfection

3. Your Royal Vanity

4. Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

5. A Makeup Artist's Dream

6. Lights, Camera, Makeup

7. G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S

8. A Gorgeous Modern Vanity Situation

9. A Parisian-Inspired Vanity is Always a Good Idea

10. A Compact Vanity for Tight Spaces

11. Vintage Vanity Perfection

12. A Nail Lover's Paradise

13. A Walk-In-Closet-Sized Vanity

14. Work Meets Play

15. Bling Bling

16. IKEA Hack Vanity

Images: Ttumbler/Instagram