Jeb Bush's New Hire Tweeted Some Awful Stuff

by Celia Darrough

Everyone knows that what you put on the Internet is forever — one of the first things people are told when searching for jobs is to be careful about what you put on social media. Yet, we've watched so many fall because of asinine comments posted on Facebook and Twitter. I'll never forget the InterActive Corp public relations employee who was fired after tweeting a joke about not getting AIDS in Africa because she's white. You'd think public relations professionals would know better, right? But when it comes to understanding that what you post online is literally forever, you'd really think that those with a career in the technology field would be smarter with their social media accounts. But, alas, the most recent case of "stuff I regret posting" belongs to Jeb Bush's new chief technology officer, Ethan Czahor, who deleted tweets about "sluts" and other offensive remarks soon after his hire, Buzzfeed News reports.

Czahor has deleted a staggering 45 tweets from his account, going from 177 to 132. The offenses range from sexist to homophobic to just awful. Whether or not Bush saw these tweets before hiring Czahor to represent the technology area of his political action committee is unknown, but a Bush spokesperson told Buzzfeed News:

Governor Bush believes the comments were inappropriate. They have been deleted at our request. Ethan is a great talent in the tech world and we are very excited to have him on board the Right to Rise PAC.

I don't think someone who publicly uses the word "sluts" online is really a "great talent in the tech world," and I also don't think "excited" is the word Bush should be using to describe having Czahor on the team right now. A sampling of the few most offensive tweets that have been deleted, but were screenshot by Buzzfeed News, include:

new study confirms old belief: college female art majors are sluts, science majors are also sluts but uglier. (March 17, 2009)
there are now 12 girls that will never amount to anything greater than being "some girl that slept with tiger woods." (Dec. 11, 2009)
when i burp in the gym i feel like it's my way of saying, "sorry guys, but i'm not gay" (Jan. 3, 2010)
i know lindsey lohan is supposed to die soon, but i'd sure like to sleep with her before that happens (April 2, 2010)
the golds gym in san francisco has a wide selection of free weights, machines, and men who undress you with their eyes while you work out (June 26, 2011)

According to his personal website, Czahor is not only the CTO of the Right to Rise PAC, but he's also the CTO at Ready to Win, a support site for GOP presidential candidates. He is the co-founder of, a photosharing app purchased by AOL, and was the vice president of engineering and acting CTO of The Honest Company, which is backed by Jessica Alba. Although he might be young — his LinkedIn places him graduating with his bachelor's degree in 2009, so some of the tweets might have been while he was a senior in college and immediately after — he's apparently had some experience.

Democrats swiftly criticized Bush's choice. Rebecca Chalif, a spokesperson for the Democratic National Committee, told The New York Times:

These statements don’t belong in a schoolyard screaming match, much less in our political discourse. If this is the kind of guy Jeb’s team has chosen to lead their digital outreach, it’s clear they are not ready for prime time.

For his part, Czahor used hashtags to express his remorse.

I'm not buying it. Czahor might say he no longer thinks what he once posted is funny, but he's obviously the type of guy who thought it was OK to call women sluts and felt the need to let the world know he's totally not gay. I'd really like to hear Czahor actually comment on what he's learned and how he's matured. Because I highly doubt it.