Bethany Hamilton Is Expecting A Little Surfer Dude

You guys, some seriously adorable news is coming your way today. Pro-surfer Bethany Hamilton and her husband, Adam Dirks, made a very special video for her blog so that they could address some significant changes in their lives. As it turns out, Hamilton and Dirks are having a baby. This wasn't any ordinary video, either. The couple took their time to address almost every and any question a fan or interested party may have of their impending parenthood. Some notable information they revealed includes the fact that the surfer is about 22 weeks along in her pregnancy, is due in early June, and drum roll please... they're having a baby boy!

Perhaps the best aspect of the video was that the brave surfers weren't afraid of answering some hard hitting questions. Yes, Hamilton was attacked by a shark in 2003 and lost her arm, but since then has only gone on to prove that she can do everything she could before, perhaps even more ambitiously. And, that sort of resiliency will only transfer over into her new role as a mother. She explains that she knows it's going to be "challenging," but says, "How I live life now, I just adjust and adapt to different things." She went on to add that when her husband isn't around to help and she's on her own that, "I'll just have to adjust to little things and figure it out and be creative." And I have no doubt she'll do just that.

Listen, if these two can compete on the Amazing Race and surf some incredibly tough waves, parenthood is going to be a piece of cake. Check out the video below to catch some of their infectious and endearing excitement for their baby on the way.