All Hail Dame Helen Mirren's New L'Oreal Ad

I've already accepted that Dame Helen Mirren is way more glamourous that I could ever hope to be (hello, did you even see how glam she looked in that casual, too-cool-for-you pic someone snapped of her on the subway?!). Helen Mirren's first L'Oreal ad just confirms how truly timeless her beauty really is.

We just so happen to be living in a golden year of celebrating real beauty with the plethora of women in, well, their golden years being pulled for major high fashion ad campaigns and being hailed as marketable, sexy goddesses. And as Bustle writer Arielle Dachille points out, it's refreshing and progressive to see a few gorgeous women over 50 as the faces of major brands, especially in an industry that puts so much value on youth.

But what's so important about this particular L'Oreal campaign? The wording. In the 30-second commercial, her first as brand ambassador, Mirren doesn't ask for a beauty routine that'll help her look young. She instead asks for one that'll "help me look like me." That simple switcheroo is such a standout in a world that so often peddles ageless, wrinkle-free beauty as the only type of beauty. Well, my girl Helen is shutting that down, as she struts around in a leather jacket and shamelessly checks out hipster dudes like a badass. JUST LET ME BE YOU, PLEASE.

Some women may aspire to look half as good as Helen Mirren when they're her age. But, uh, can I just be half as cool as Helen Mirren (or any of these other glam biddies), like, right now?

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