Looking Like Martha Stewart at 73 Ain't Easy, Guys

Patron saint of suburbia Martha Stewart has divulged her most treasured tips to looking 20 years (at least) younger than her current age of 73-years-old. Yes, that's right. America's favorite kitchen goddess is 73. In an interview with People, Stewart shared her secrets to ageless beauty, which include (among other things) beginning her routine before the crack of dawn.

“I spend anywhere from seven to 30 minutes getting my face and hair ready each morning,” she tells People, adding, “This doesn’t include the time I spend doing advance prep like my daily face mask, which I apply at 4 a.m., and I use hand cream with gloves.” Yes, 4 a.m. is the average daily rising time of presumably immortal Martha Stewart.

But the interview also includes some tips for youthful radiance that require less, uh, committment. One of Martha’s best pointers to aging gracefully (or in her case, seemingly not at all)? Scaled back alcohol consumption. “I [started] preparing [for the People photo shoot] several days in advance by making sure I didn’t miss a work out, drink any alcoholic beverages, and I made sure I got enough sleep because I wanted to look really good,” she says.

Uh-huh. So that whole thing about revitalized beauty with wine consumption? Hate to shatter our delusions, folks, but it appears we may have been wrong. Alternatively, maybe this is the beauty tip we’ll pass on.


Head over to People to read the "Martha's Secrets" interview in full.