13 Male Characters Who Would Be the Ultimate Valentine's Day Dates

The annual day of love is upon us. This holiday isn't exactly the best, for many reasons. For one, it costs too much money to do what you can normally afford on any other day. Secondly, it's too clique-y, as it really only celebrates the people who have found someone to steadily date around mid-February. Sure, proudly single people have fun on February 14, but the pressure to celebrate love for someone else and not just the love you have for yourself is too intense.

Now, the only way to get through this annual bummer is to just get through it. But to make it slightly less unbearable, why not snuggle up to a book featuring a dashing leading fella? Why not spend the day lovingly turning the pages and getting to know a guy who would surely be worthy of your time and affection? There are so many incredible guys in the literary world, all handsome, romantic, and extremely dateable. So, this Valentine's Day let's all skip the showy commercial nonsense and daydream about the fictional men who would make AMAZING V-Day dates.

Tyrion Lannister, A Song of Fire And Ice Series

He's passionate, well-read, and his mind is extremely strategic. Everyone writes him off as a non-threat, but he's a big one in Westeros, and you always want him on your side. You could drink and feast and read all night long together. Oh la la.

Tobias "Four" Eaton, Divergent

It's the grumpiness that captures all the hearts. He'd also encourage you to tap into your strongest and most confident self. And that... is how babies are made.

Park Sheridan, Eleanor and Park

He's a hopeless romantic who falls in love with Eleanor over their shared interests in mix tapes and comic books. He loves her for who she is. As a date, he'd make you feel all of those obsessive 4eva-like emotions that you remember feeling in high school. And he'd make you a killer playlist.

Jay Gatsby, The Great Gatsby

When Jay loves, it's forever. So maybe a little too intense for just a date on Valentine's Day, but at least you know he'd throw a kick-ass soiree with all the booze.

Mark Darcy, Bridget Jones' Diary

The way he loves Bridget is honest and beautiful. Mark Darcy needs to be cloned because the world needs more men who appreciate complex women.

Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock Holmes Collection

His mind moves almost too fast for him to communicate all of his thoughts in a clear cohesive manner. But goddamn is it sexy. Just a peek inside his thoughts would make for an enthralling date experience.

Jamie Fraser, Outlander

And here we have a strapping Scot who admires a spirited woman who challenges him at every turn. He wants to save her, and he knows that in most cases, she doesn't even need it. He's a vulnerable soul with the woman he loves, but a weapon of mass destruction when faced with an enemy. Something tells me you would swipe right.

Mr. Rochester, Jane Eyre

Not an obvious choice at first glance because even though he's gorgeous, he's also severely flawed. But that's also where the depth of his beauty lies — in his complexity. But give him the chance and he'll show you just how selfless and incredible he can be. Also, there's a reason he's known to many as one of the most romantic characters of all time. Trust the title.

Christian Grey, Fifty Shades of Grey

You don't want to marry Christian Grey. You don't really want to be owned (long term) by him either. I don't know about you, but the idea of someone constantly trying to control my food intake and eating schedule makes me want to stab my pillow with a steak knife. However, he's the guy wines and dines. And as most of us know by now, he's a spectacular bedmate. So if only just for one night, he's a solid choice.

Wells Jaha, The 100

For fans of the show on The CW, Wells didn't have much of a role. But in the books the show is based on, he's Clarke's boyfriend and one of the main characters throughout the hundreds of adventures after reaching the ground. He's intelligent, extremely sweet and protective, and is always trying to do what's right. So basically he's the perfect date AND ally in an apocalyptic scenario.

Eric Northman, Dead to the World

Eric is sex on very long viking legs, and even at his worst, he's still at his best. But in Dead to the World, when a witch destroys his memory and he becomes this soft and tender boy who needs to rely on Sookie to get by? Hearts exploded everywhere. Get that Eric Northman on a V-Day date and you'll never need the outside world again.

Cinna, The Hunger Games

Everyone is all about either Peeta or Gale, and some are on Team Finnick. But what about Cinna? Aside from being extremely sexy and somehow with a signature style that is both subtle and bold, Cinna is just the best. He is the source of strength, swagger, and eventually, vengeance that Katniss needs to be the Mockingjay. As a date, he'd dress you in an outfit that would turn all the heads and make you feel like a powerful goddess.

Henry deTamble, The Time Traveler's Wife

This poor guy would go through an onslaught of confusing and horrifying sh** to reach the object of his affection — even traveling through time without any notice. But if you can get him to stick around long enough for dinner, have him tell you his stories – 'cuz he's got a ton.

Image: Theo James/Summit Entertainment; Wells/The 100 Wiki, Giphy (13)