This Is What Girls Really Think Of Guys' Names

What's in a name? Beyond random configurations of the 26 letters in our English alphabet, apparently there is a whole lot of subconscious implications, which we will now explore with the help of this Buzzfeed video on what girls really think of guys' names. Although this is not scientifically backed by any legitimate research, I will say as a human lady with opinions on things, I can attest to the semi-accuracy of not one, not two, not three, but the four names of guys I've dated in this video. Which means that these ladies have some majorly good judgment, and also that I have dated my way through the sons of most basic baby-naming parents on the planet.

I imagine some men will be less thrilled at the conclusions arrived at in this video than others, particular if your name happens to be Mike, Brian or Tim. On a lighter note, if your name happens to be Patrick, Alex, or Drew, this video just made it 50% more likely for you to get laid in the future, so you'd better work on finding an address to send these smart ladies a thank you note.

Before anybody gets up in arms about these judgment calls, look no further for proof of their legitimacy than their assessment of the name Andrew: "Andrew's a genius. They know everything; They're the smartest person in the world."

Um, accurate. (I'm casually obsessed.)

Of course, we all know that an entire group of human beings don't fit under an umbrella—there are likely just as many douchey Patricks as there are gentlemanly Mikes—but that doesn't stop this from becoming an incredibly handy resource for naming all future offspring, if you're worried about that sort of thing. There is also another video on what boys think of girls' names, for your reference.

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