Fashion + Celebrities: Kate Moss Returns to Topshop, Rihanna Loves Diana, and Kids Fashion Week is as Cute as You'd Expect

Cappuccino in hand? Got ten minutes before the train arrives? Here's what's going on in the always-interesting world of famous (or infamous) fashion. Some of it is horrible. Some of it is adorable. Hold onto your Philip Treacy hats:

  • Our perennial muse Kate Moss is back to designing for Topshop! After a three-year hiatus from the brand, she's currently working on a collection for Spring 2014. Any time someone gives us a chance to emulate Kate's off-duty-supermodel-bohemian-glamazon style, we snatch at it. (via The Cut)
  • Deep breaths, because there is still some good in the world: the Instagram account called Fashion Kids is everything you need it to be and so much more. Consider it your Monday morning palette cleanser. (via Instagram)