24 One-Hit Wonders From Early '00s That Are So Awesome, You Need Them Back In Your Life Immediately — LISTEN

I've been in a bit of a musical rut lately, so, earlier this week, I decided to re-visit some of my favorite songs from my middle school and high school days. Let me tell you: it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Admittedly, nostalgia has the power to make music sound better than it actually is at times, but I really do enjoy a lot of the singles that I re-discovered — and many of them are one-hit wonders.

The label "one-hit wonder" is often used as an insult, so I always have to laugh when a musical act’s one successful track ends up being more epic and catchy than certain popular artists’ entire discographies. It doesn't happen often, mind you, but when it does, it's kind of like the sweetest revenge. I can still remember rockin' out to these songs with my giant "skip-proof" Discman at the bus stop in the mornings before school. My parents warned me every day to durn down the volume or I'd risk damaging my hearing, but I didn't care. I mean, let's face it: there's only one way to listen to Eiffel 65's "Blue," and that's on repeat at an ear-splitting volume. What can I say? I was a rebel.

In honor of Throwback Thursday, here are 24 awesome one-hit wonders from the early '00s that you need back in your life immediately:

Eiffel 65 — "Blue"

Bliss Corporation on YouTube

It doesn't get much weirder (or better!) than this.

Bowling for Soup — "1985"

BowlingForSoupVEVO on YouTube


Alice Deejay — "Better Off Alone"

TekunoMusic on YouTube

Confession: I used to think that this song was really deep.

Fountains of Wayne — "Stacy's Mom"

FountainsOfWayneVEVO on YouTube

Yeah, the entire concept behind this track is pretty bizarre, but it's just so catchy...

Blu Cantrell — "Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops!)"

BluCantrellVEVO on YouTube

I was so sure that Blu Cantrell was going to be the next big thing. Sigh.

The Calling — "Wherever You Will Go"

TheCallingVEVO on YouTube

The Creed influence is strong with this one.

Yellowcard — "Ocean Avenue"

YellowcardVEVO on YouTube

The chorus is kind of brilliant, right?

DJ Sammy — "Heaven"

Andi's Lyrics on YouTube

I didn't even know who Bryan Adams was when this dance cover of "Heaven" was released. Whoops?

Sonique — "It Feels So Good"

mordee78 on YouTube

Sonique is fierce.

Moby — "South Side" (feat. Gwen Stefani)

Play The Music on YouTube

Remember Moby?

Dirty Vegas — "Days Go By"

Amer Taj on YouTube

There's so much awesome breakdancing in this music video.

t.A.T.u. — "All the Things She Said"

tATuVEVO on YouTube

Did you know that t.A.T.u. has released 6 studio albums?! SIX. I honestly had no idea.

Mis-Teeq — "Scandalous"

MisTQ6 on YouTube

What a bop.

Lara Fabian — "I Will Love Again"

Such drama!

Jimmy Eat World — "The Middle"

JimmyEatWorldVEVO on YouTube

It's super good.

Hoobastank — "The Reason"

HoobastankVEVO on YouTube

This rock ballad doesn't stank one bit!

3LW — "No More (Baby I'ma Do Right)"

3LWVEVO on YouTube

Some of the fashion in this music video has to be seen to be believed. Oh, 2000.

Lumidee — "Never Leave You (Uh Ooh, Uh Oooh)"

Blackmusic1111 on YouTube

Her voice is so terrible. Why do I like this song so much? It's a mystery.

Crazy Town — "Butterfly"

TheMHtv2 on YouTube

I'm not sure that there's anyone more early '00s than these two dudes. Woof.

Liz Phair — "Why Can't I?"

LizPhairVEVO on YouTube

"Why Can't I?" represents Liz Phair's shift from indie rock to pure pop. The song angered some fans, but I love it.

ATC — "Around the World"

The key change at the 2:35 mark is inspired.

The Corrs — "Breathless"

The Corrs on YouTube

This is one of my personal faves.

Stacie Orrico — "(There's Gotta Be) More to Life"

sastro82 on YouTube

Again, I thought that Stacie Orrico was going to be huge.

Los Lonely Boys — "Heaven"

loslonelyboysVEVO on YouTube

"Heaven's" lyrics are devastatingly sad... but the song sounds so peppy! That's part of what makes it so interesting.