How To Take The Best #HeelConcept Photo

Instagram is having a great 2015 so far. Between @hotdudesreading and #effyourbeautystandards, there has hardly been room for the latest Instagram trend, #heelconcept. Right now, there are over 800 photos with the hashtag, but I anticipate it blowing up for one reason: It's like, super easy to do yourself, and makes you look kinda artsy.

Heels are a fun, maybe once-a-month item pulled from the back of the closet for special events. The advantages they have on posture and the leg muscles are great! The major discomfort and possible blisters they cause are not great. Thankfully, this latest Instagram trend shows us how to reap the all of the benefits of heels, sans pain and blood, with everyday household objects. It's like the perfect combination of fashion, DIY tricks and food.

Because this was an Instagram trend that I could actually do, I had to try it. Take a look at some of my #heelconcept pictures featuring my favorite, everyday products. It was a blast to do, and hopefully provides a little inspiration for any of you hoping to hop on the hashtag before it totally blows up.

First, some of my favorites from the creative minds on Instagram:

And now, my own attempts.

1. With Hair Products

Because I need all of these products to make my hair do anything if I don't have time to shower. Side note if you're trying this at home, it might best to enlist a friend as your photographer. Balancing those things and taking the picture was not easy. I have five years of hard-floor gymnastics to thank for this capture. #heelconcept

2. With Party Starters

Confession: I have only ever drank water from that flask.

3. With Parts Of A Camera

Because I love photography and this just happened to create the perfect slope.

4. With Lipstick

Obviously, I couldn't actually touch my foot to my lipsticks, because I plan on actually using these colors again. But I tried to get as close as possible. I'm sure you understand.

5. With Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, after all. #heelconcept

6. With Lunch

The three best friends that anyone can have... #heelconcept

7. With Quick Fixes

If I am running late and only have time for a last-minute beauty-fix, these are the three items I turn to: gel deodorant (in desperate times, swipe a bit across your wrists and neck), a mascara sample I'm currently obsessed with, and red lipstick.

8. With Beauty Essentials

These are the beauty products I'll use for the mornings I'm actually on time. Hair volumizer, foundation and my favorite gel eyeliner. All of the products just happen to be in the cutest, small round cases.

9. With Stuff That Smells Good

Products that, mixed together, make you smell like a princess.

10. With Heels

I had to.

Images: Hayli Goode (10)