10 Stunning Beaches You Have To Visit

Everyone loves a good beach, but where are the best of them? With most of the country plunged in the bitter cold depths of winter, planning a trip to the beach sounds like heaven just about now. You've likely never met someone who didn't like the beach (we can all agree that a little surf, sand, and relaxation is vital), but figuring out where to go can be more of a struggle, especially with so many options to choose from. Luckily, travel site Kayak has stepped in to provide us insight on the top 10 trending beach destinations, putting all questions on the matter to rest. A little spoiler: only one resides in the U.S., and it's most likely not on the coast you'd assumed.

Kayak computed the results based on "which beaches were getting the most interest" in the last year, which, while not explicitly defined, is probably based on the most popular flight searches in recent months. From the shores of Mexico to Nantucket, gorgeous vistas, fresh ocean air, and soft pebbly sands are breaking our hearts right now. If you're snowbound or landlocked, take a moment to relax and imagine your next trip.

In need of a little warm-weather vacation? Just feel like daydreaming? Here are Kayak's top 10 most popular beaches.

10. Saint Martin

One of the more talked about Caribbean islands, Saint Martin is about 200 miles from Puerto Rico. Half the land is Dutch, while the other half is French, which creates a great melting pot effect that only serves to add to the gorgeous views.

9. Cancún

Shocker, really. Spring break will not die. In truth, though, once you get past the beer cans and cigarette butts, Cancún is beautiful and more accessible to many Americans than European beaches might be.

8. Turks & Caicos

These Bahaman islands, part of Great Britain, are renowned for their beauty and relatively small population, giving visitors both a bit of breathing room and a taste of heaven.

7. Fiji


Fiji isn't just for the Greeks; though I personally have yet to visit, some of the images I've seen have been out of this world. Crystal blue seas and skies with bits and pieces of striking green foliage render this place unforgettable.

6. Punta Cana

This region in the Dominican Republic has been somewhat commercialized, but is still absolutely beautiful.

5. Saint Lucia

Another island resting in the Caribbean sea, Saint Lucia is known for its botanical gardens, sweet hiking spots, and beautiful bays.

4. Nantucket


If you were waiting for an American region to pop up on the list, look no further — but don't expect to find another. Just south of Cape Cod, Nantucket, Massachusetts is a personable, relaxing lighthouse-laden destination.

3. Puerto Vallarta

Another Mexican beach, Puerto Vallarta is especially popular as a cruise destination. The spot has a history of successful business ventures, not least of which is its somewhat newfound famous status as "the spot to be" in Mexico.

2. Cartagena


The only Colombian locale on the list, Cartagena is the fifth-largest city in Colombia. Chock full of color, culture, and cuisine, it looks like a gorgeous place to explore.

1. Grenada

The "Spice Island" is so thriving, I've been told it's perhaps the most refreshing country in the world as a whole.

Don't take my word for it, though. If you have insight on any of these locations, feel free to share. Meet you there?

Images: jerowee, drpavloff, Kyle Simourd, Nathan Congleton, Brook Ward, Justin Mier, FrenchKheldar, Moosealope, jelani franklyn/Flickr; Getty