14 Awesome, Non-Annoying Engagement Announcements

A strange thing happened to me yesterday: My mom was on the phone, happy-crying at the person on the other end, something I haven't heard her do since my sister got into college. I assumed the news was good, so naturally I hung around the corner and eavesdropped in case whatever it was merited buying celebratory dessert (because this is how my brain is wired). Alas, though, her happy tears had nothing to do with us, her family. It turns out that one of my friends got engaged, and my mom was crying with her mom on the phone, because such is life in your twenties. (Sorry, Mom; better luck next daughter.)

I look fondly back on the days that I was stunned when friends got engaged. Now, if I don't see at least three new engagements on Facebook in any given week, I start to wonder if there is a disturbance in the Force that I should be made aware of. The truth is, engagements make me happy, because engagements lead to weddings, which frequently lead to free alcohol, which always leads to happiness. Although I do have to say: Some of my friends had a lot more flair than others when announcing their engagements, a flair I have come to appreciate when I need something more amusing that "So and So is engaged" popping up on my news feed. In the spirit of those who go the extra mile, here is a round-up of some of the classiest, most hilarious, and least annoying engagement announcements to grace the internet:

1. This guy who used Snapchat to break the news

Awwww, how precious!

2. This happy little puppy

I don't know how they got the dog to sit still that long when even I can't do it for more than five seconds.

3. These Taco Bell eating champions

Nothing says "true love" like hot sauce.

4. These potty mouths

You can get your own on Etsy for $30, if you're game.

5. This couple who created a Vertigo remake

If you weren't scared of heights, YOU ARE NOW.

6. These proud nerds

Duh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh MARRIED MAAAANNN.

7. This couple who hardcore committed to their zombie-themed engagement shoot

Who knew blood and gore could be so romantic?! Oh, right. Everyone who loved Twilight. (Note: this is a way better story than that.)

8. These board game enthusiasts

Scrabble just got way classier than it was back when you and your family were shrieking over a dictionary.

9. These country cuties

Say what you will, but can you even imagine the amount of effort this poor dude expended?!

10. Benedict Cumberbatch

I know this isn't all that remarkable by engagement announcement standards, but this was precious, and also he could sneeze and I would probably post about it.

11. These best chums

Don't pretend you didn't think about inviting him to every event you ever threw. HE IS THE LIFE OF THE PARTY.

11. These LEGO lovers

Every time a pair of dorks gets engaged, the internet is the one who really wins.

12. This badass who climbed down a mountain with an engagement ring in her mouth


But, of course, none of these are quite as fun as our favorite snarky single friends. Anybody up for trying to get these two in touch?

13. This ladder lover

14. This girl who is 100% done

Match made in heaven.

Images: Greg Pammer/Flickr; Imgur; girlygorgeousness, thebeaujanglez, worstbirthdate, srweddings, backwoodsblessed, bronerski/Instagram; manayunkcalligraphy/Etsy