Taylor Swift's "Style" Video Is Hauntingly Sexy

All week, there has been a quiet hum of anticipation as people got over the Grammys and into the idea that Taylor Swift is releasing the music video for "Style" on Good Morning America on Friday. Naturally, Swift has been keeping her fans at a peak level of excitement by posting teasers from "Style" on her Instagram, the trippy, symbolic kind of teasers that give very little indication as to what the video is actually about. To be honest, when the video finally debuted on Good Morning America, you still had no idea what it was actually about. There was only one thing for certain: this is Swift's sultriest, darkest, sexiest video yet, painting a new side of her that her fans have yet to see before. And it's amazing.

Of course, despite my use of the word sexy, the part of the music video where Swift's very attractive male co-star strips off his shirt to allow her to run her hands all over his muscles while she sings about him taking off his coat makes up only a very small portion of the work. "Style" is a haunting video that melds together smoke and woods, home videos and bedroom eyes, Swift in her classic white dress and even more classic red lipstick, shattered mirrors and lightning strikes. We are watching a relationship meant to crash and burn, but that you enjoy every step of the way down. This is everything, told in images that come at you from the darkness like a flash of warning. This is Swift's most profound music video yet.

But don't take my word for it. Check out Swift's video below and marvel at how we've gotten to see Swift grow up right before our very eyes.

Image: YouTube