What Type Of Plane Does Mr. Grey Have?

It's pretty likely that when the first trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey premiered last summer, the biggest thing anyone on anyone's mind was sex — specifically, how much was in the movie, how much tension did the trailer show, would it be steamy enough, which of the more promiscuous scenes would actually make it in, etc. But, now that the film has been released and those questions have answered to death, what about the smaller details? For example, when Christian takes Ana out flying in a rather extravagant date, what kind of plane does he use? THESE ARE QUESTIONS WE NEED ANSWERS TO.

So, here goes: The plane that Christian flies in Fifty Shades is called a glider, and, upon further examination, it looks like it could be in the family of the DG Flugzeugbau, which are actually a type of aircraft used by the air force in the United States, Australia and even Indonesia.

Typically the DG 1000, which is the type of model this particular plane from the trailer looks to be, is a two-seater sailplane used for many different purposes — including military use. As it is called a glider, these types of planes typically are used for gliding and soaring through the air like a hand glider:

However, this type of model has an engine which helps to extend flight and travel time significantly.

Obviously in this case Christian Grey either has enough money to buy one for himself, or he has access to one used by the air force (because why not). Honestly either one is possible, though the first is more likely, especially considering how many cars he's written to have and how rich he is the book series. Honestly, if a plane like that can't help a guy seduce the ladies, nothing else will. But then again, Christian Grey's trouble isn't in seducing the ladies, but in keeping them and wanting to be with them after the sexy times have ended.

Images: YouTube (screenshot)