What's With Drake & The Number '6'?

by Rachel Semigran

If the Internet is good for anything, it's wild speculation about the lives of celebrities — amiright? (I'm right.) You know how it goes: Bey and Jay are part of the Illuminati, Homer's been in a coma for two decades, Paul McCartney is actually dead, and so on and so forth. There's nothing quite like a celeb conspiracy theory to really send you down the Internet rabbit hole. The latest out-there eyebrow raiser comes from Canadian rapper and pouter extraordinaire, Drake. ICYMI, the former Degrassi star dropped a surprise mixtape last night via Twitter called, If You're Reading This It's Too Late , and there are tons of questions buzzing around the Interwebz about why the number 6 appears so often in his lyrics and track titles — and that it appears next to a pair of praying hands on the album cover. Does it spell out his next emoji tattoo? DOES IT SIGNAL THE END OF TIMES?


OK, OK — not quite. In reality, the '6's are a shout out to Drake's area code in Toronto — but what's the fun in that? Sure Drake, we get it, Canada kills it in the poutine and maple syrup game, but those '6's have to mean something way more elaborate, right? RIGHT? Now that we have a whole new Drake album full of the MYSTERIOUS (nope, not mysterious, we know the answer) NUMBER 6, let's make some wild speculations about the meaning.

His Entire Musical Career Has Been Inspired by J.Lo's On the 6


Entirely possible.

He's The Real Yellow King in True Detective

All of that 666 devil business, I tellz ya!

He Voices The Count in Sesame Street

Also entirely possible.

He was Born With 6 Fingers

David Becker/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

And he's always making the prayer hands and/or HIDING his hands to disguise it!

"6 God" Was Actually His Nickname in Degrassi

But the Canadian broadcasters thought it was too risky. Therefore Drake later made a song full of expletives with the same name as backlash.

It's Subliminal Marketing


It's Toronto


No, really...it's Toronto.

Images: HBO, revistacuore/Tumblr