Jessie James Decker and Amore & Sorvete Team Up

As if seeing Emily Ratajkowski sporting Amore & Sorvete in a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition shoot wasn’t enough to make you want to shop from this sexy Australian swimwear line… Wait. That wasn’t enough? It had to have been! I could probably just stop here, but it gets even better. Promise. Adorable country music icon (and wife to the even more adorable football player Eric Decker) Jessie James Decker partnered with Amore & Sorvete on a swimwear line that will be available for pre-order in March.

See, I told you. Even better. I, for one, definitely want to shop this collection. And get this: she’s designed her suits with all of the modern moms out there in mind. Now, even on the beach, you and your baby can match. I know. Just when you thought it couldn’t get cuter.

The brand has been pretty secretive about what the suits will look like, but what they have shown looks totally awesome. Amore & Sorvete showcased a few of the designs on their Instagram, specifically a bright and colorful floral print strapless bikini with a bow accent on the top and ruffled bottoms. And one suit in the #mummyandme collection has a blue and white gingham pattern with again, more ruffles! I can’t get enough!

These swimsuits seem to be doing a great job of combining what James Decker is all about, being super feminine and adorable, with Amore & Sorvete's signatures, which, according to their website, involve “encompass[ing] bold colour palettes, unique prints and detailed embellishments.”

The website also mentions that the Amore & Sorvete girl “has the confidence to wear a stand-out bikini on the beach and feel amazing.” And with this swimsuit collab, you’ll be able to do just that!

Image: Getty