How Tumblr Responded to Cumberbatch's Wedding

Everyone knows about Benedict Cumberbatch's legion of fans. They're a dedicated group, and they tend to have a reputation for being overly invested in their favorite actor. So when Benedict Cumberbatch got married on Valentine's Day, the natural expectation would be that Tumblr would have freaked out that their favorite was officially taken. But Tumblr reacted really well to Cumberbatch's wedding. So perhaps it's time to stop labeling them as dangerously invested.

I'm not that surprised that they responded to the marriage of their favorite actor with grace and class. I kind of hate the media's portrayal of fangirls as crazy obsessive. I'm sure there are some like that, but the majority of people are really supportive. For example, as much as I think Tom Hiddleston is my own personal soul mate (sorry not sorry), if he found love with someone else, I wouldn't send her hate or declare my life over. I'd be happy for him. That's the attitude many Cumberbitches have about this marriage. They know how long Cumberbatch has wanted a wife and family, and they're thrilled that dream is coming true for him.

So before you click on those articles that read "Benedict Cumberbatch is Married & These 19 People's Hearts Are Broken," let's look at the majority of responses from his fans — and how positive they are.

Excitement and Exclamation Points

I don't know about you, but I think all these exclamation points mean that the fans are genuinely glad for the couple.

General Wishes of Happiness

Look at these fans. They're so miserable over his marriage.

Fangirling Over Everything

Same, same.

Looking Forward to the Future

True fans know his life isn't over just because he's married. And now we get cute pics of him being a husband and wearing a wedding ring. Everyone wins.

Defending Sophie Hunter

Not everyone is sending hate.

Coming Up With The Best Reason to Celebrate

Faith in Feb. 14 officially restored.

The Only Problem With His Wedding Is...

That's all the Cumberbitches are mad about, so time for the media to officially stop vilifying them once and for all.

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