1000 Marbles And 9 Other Oddly Satisfying Sights

Hey, remember that time last year when you defied all odds, ripped your body to shreds and ran the Ironman? Yeah, me neither, unless the three Ironman events were recently changed to Netflix, eating, and complaining about the weather. But I imagine that if you were a marble, this oddly satisfying video of 1000 marbles in a race would be a lot like your version of the Ironman. Jelle Bakker, the architect behind this mesmerizing track that the marbles fall through, spends her time making giant marble runs like this one. I'm a little freaked out by how impossible it is to look away from this video. I suspect that it is technology like this that will eventually lead to a mad genius perfecting hypnotism, thus giving them the ability to take over the world.

Anyway, because it's Monday, and because of the insane cold weather currently happening in some parts of the country today, there's a good chance you are feeling stress in full force. The good news is, between the marble video and this generous serving of other mindlessly satisfying visuals, you might be able to calm yourself down before your life goes full North West during New York Fashion Week:

The marble video of yes

Waaaatchhh and forgeeeeeeet.

This welding gif

A friend of mine was a welder for a bit after college and NOW I KNOW WHY.

This video of a man carving a jawbreaker and high speeds

It's like someone carving a planet.

This cup falling into another cup


This person removing ice from their car mirror

This is too much power for one human being to have.

This pineapple wizard

Little known fact: the leftover shell became Spongebob's house.

This calligrapher


This swooshing touchdown

Whoever did this needs to go pro IMMEDIATELY.

This origami evolution

Taste the rainbow.

This simmering pizza

Thank god I have pizza delivery on my bookmarked tabs.

Images: Getty Images; Giphy (7)