This Girl Totally Knows She's Getting Proposed To

This adorable manic pixie dream girl, who goes by the perfect MPDG name Eleanor, was proposed to by her obviously manic pixie dream boyfriend in some kind of manic pixie dream wood cabin in the manic pixie dream woods with a manic pixie dream flipbook. In this video, Eleanor holds the flipbook given to her by boyfriend Jeff, and is not very good at hiding the fact that she knows exactly what's coming: a marriage proposal. Call it manic pixie dream endearing, awkward nervousness. The front of the flipbook says "Imagine me and you" and has a manic pixie dream map of the united states, with the couples two home states highlighted. And manic pixie dream Jeff even made sure to buy some manic pixie dream sunflowers for the occasion. Throw in the fact that he is videotaping her while she reads the flip book and girlfriend could not be more aware of what is about to go down.

If you haven't guessed from all the manic pixie dreaming, this is sickeningly adorable. Like, so adorable nothing you ever do will seem even half as adorable as this adorable shit. The only thing that kind of irks me about this is the moment she says "yes", manic pixie dream Jeff continues filming her instead of taking her in his arms, tearing off all her clothes with his teeth and taking her into the wilderness for their first manic pixie dream sex as an engaged couple. Because let's be real: First time engaged sex should be more important than filming your proposal to create a viral video. Am I right or am I right? Regardless, we're all going to sit here and watch the manic pixie dream wedding proposal of Zach Braff's wildest fantasies, and at least some of us are going to pray that our boyfriends know us well enough to put the ring in the bottom of a carton of McDonald's fries and be done with it.

Maybe I sound a little bit bitter. I don't know. But it's not like we can all be this guy about every proposal (top left corner):

Images: theflippist/YouTube; Giphy