Tom Hiddleston Has Big Plans for His Future

There's a lot on the horizon for Tom Hiddleston in the next few years, like Thor 3, Kong: Skull Island, and so many more films. But while he loves doing movies, Tom Hiddleston has a pretty impressive theater wish list, too. Fresh off his time in Shakespeare's Coriolanus, for which he won an Evening Standard Award, Hiddleston is eager to get back to the stage in the coming years. On Sunday, the actor spoke on the red carpet at the WhatsOnStage awards about his goals for the future, and no surprises here, it contains a lot of Shakespeare.

There's so much I haven't done, honestly, that I would be honored to do one day. There's a lot of late 20th century drama sort of Harold Pinter—I've never done a Pinter play professionally—and hopefully when I'm older and wiser, Samuel Beckett or something. And Shakespeare's got a whole raft of princes and kings I'd love to have a bash at.

Honestly, I'd love for him to have a bash at all of those projects too. It's exciting to hear Hiddleston talk about this future because it means he's not going away any time soon. His work in Coriolanus was amazing, and I know he'll only get better as his onstage acting experience grows. And since he's already the prince of my heart, I can't wait to see him in another royal Shakespeare part.

There can never be enough Hiddleston, so I'm glad he has plans to stick around and keep doing great work. Check out his full interview below.