What Will Lady Gaga's Wedding Dress Look Like?

Ah, Lady Gaga. I don't know about you, but when it comes to the queen of the fan base affectionately known as the Monsters, I know only two things: her music is amazing, but her fashion choices are... interesting. I don't want to say questionable, because anyone who can rock an entire dress made out of meat is someone who takes avant-garde to a whole new level, but the fact of the matter is Lady Gaga is known for causing a stir with her very appearance. So when Lady Gaga revealed her engagement to Taylor Kinney, I had only one question. What is she going to wear to the wedding?

Obviously, she's going to wear a wedding dress — but what kind of wedding dress? I rarely, if ever, see Lady Gaga leaving the house in anything that would ever be considered demure and traditional, so I can't see her wedding dress being anything that wouldn't have the whole world talking about it for years to come. Of course, we have no idea if Gaga and Kinney are really engaged — let alone if they're actually going to set a date this time — but I'm optimistic that this could be the year we finally get to see exactly what Lady Gaga would wear to a wedding. I mean, the woman goes bridal shopping for fun. I firmly believe that her own actual wedding will be on a whole new level of unpredictable

Naturally, that unpredictability probably means that the dress I have concocted for Lady Gaga will be dated in just a week or so. It is, after all, a mishmash of hairstyles, outfits, and sunglasses that she has worn in the past. However, I like to think that Lady Gaga would pay homage to her single life by custom-making a dress that combines some of her greatest looks into one. From her sparkly asymmetrical top to a meat lining with a feather train that will get PETA all riled up, Gaga is all about mixing and matching the unusual and doing whatever she wants. Combine that with hair big enough to be a veil, an actual veil, and then heart-shaped sunglasses since she's feeling the love, and there can be no doubt once those doors open that it is Lady Gaga who is walking down this aisle.

Check out Lady Gaga's wedding dress below — or, well, what I think she should wear.

Image: Getty Images; Kadeen Griffiths/Bustle