Could Leviathan Have Bucky Barnes On 'Agent Carter'? It Would Explain Dottie's Obsessive Behavior

Dottie Underwood has shown her true colors as a lethal Leviathan operative on Agent Carter ; however, there's one detail that I'm stuck on. Could Dottie's obsession with Captain America relate to Bucky Barnes? Is he a prisoner of Leviathan at this point in time? While undercover, Dottie gushed over the way Peggy's patriotic ideals seemed to mirror her former flame. She also stole Peggy's photo of Skinny Steve. That's right, not the Captain America that we know and love. She took the picture of Steve Rogers pre-super soldier serum, a time when Bucky Barnes was still taking punches for him in alley ways.

I promise that I'm not just saying this in hopes that Sebastian Stan will guest star on Agent Carter for a Winter Solider origin story. It's not that I don't want him on my television screen at all times — I do want that. However, it was sad enough to see the end result of Bucky's torture and brainwashing. I don't want to watch him go through that!

Still, Bucky is as important to Captain America's history as Red Skull and Peggy Carter. Plus, we know he's out there somewhere. He may have suffered a worse fate than Steve Rogers after his icy fall, but they are both still alive and Agent Carter can't ignore that for long.

The Soviets Are Involved

Wait, you cry, wasn't Bucky captured by Hydra and Arnim Zola? Wasn't that the whole point of Captain America: The Winter Soldier? Yes and no, my friends. The frozen body of Steve Rogers' BFF was first found and captured by Soviet Soldiers and transferred to Hydra's "Russian Division." We don't know exactly how long he was with them.

What if Leviathan found him first? What if they are after this human Hydra weapon and looking to kidnap him now? What if Dottie is a double agent with Hydra? What if the Winter Soldier got mixed up in this while he was serving with the KGB? There are so many ways that this can happen.

Are Hydra's "Russian Division" and Leviathan one and the same? In Marvel Comics, Leviathan and Hydra were cut from the same cloth and are frequently at odds with each other, as well as S.H.I.E.L.D. and the free world. It's possible that the organizations were at one point intertwined, did some shuffling, and Bucky Barnes got caught up in that mix.

He's Already Connected To (A) Black Widow

In the comics, Bucky was one of Black Widow's instructors at the Red Room Academy. There has to be a reason that the Girls' school made an appearance on Agent Carter. What if Dottie is replacing Black Widow in that aspect of backstory? Could they be working together on this mission?

With regards to Natasha Romanoff, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has already changed that story. For one thing, I don't expect them to become lovers after repeated efforts to kill one another, though they did have a short relationship in the comics. In the films, Black Widow and The Winter Soldier have had only one former, traumatizing encounter. He attacked Natasha as she was escorting a scientist and killed him. But that doesn't mean we won't see him play a role in Dottie's story, or some other aspect of the growing Leviathan mystery.

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