Victor Zsasz Messed with Butch's Mind on 'Gotham'

Despite adding the Joker, the most disturbing scene of "The Blind Fortune Teller" was when Victor Zsasz presented a brand new, not at all improved, Butch Gilzean. And what did Victor do to Butch? Last time we saw Butch, he was still Fish's number one ally, friend, and muscle. But now, he's become a shell of his former self, "reprogrammed" by Victor Zsasz to be totally loyal to Penguin, who almost ran out of the room when he saw Butch appear.

Since my number one TV 'ship is Butch/Fish!friendship, I'm hoping that this is all an act in order for Butch to get into Falcone's good graces and them betray him in time for Fish to take over. But something tells me that Victor wasn't kidding when he said that whomever had worked on Butch's brain was "very good." But we didn't get the chance to see the torture, so there's always hope.

And brainwashing has never been one of Victor Zsasz's comic book powers. Since Butch has basically been turned into a plaything for Penguin, it could be the work of "Dr. Dulmacher," or, the Dollmaker, who was mentioned by Fish in an urgent sounding phone call in the "next week" on Gotham tease. We heard about the Dollmaker way back in the first few episodes of Gotham, when he was smuggling homeless kids out of the city and almost got his hands on Selina Kyle. Now, he's been cast on the show and it looks like we may already have met his first victim.

Since Fish just barely made it out of that jail alive, and had to essentially win over and then screw over everyone in the joint in order to score her freedom, she'll be heartbroken if she returns to Gotham City and sees that her best friend has lost his free will. I know this show has made grisly murders a weekly part of the experience, but I just don't know if I can handle that.

Image: Jessica Miglio/Fox (2)