Nick Gordon Pays Tribute To Bobbi Kristina

If there's anyone not giving up hope for Bobbi Kristina Brown's recovery, it's her boyfriend. Nick Gordon recently honored Bobbi Kristina Brown by changing his Twitter photo to a picture of his new Bobbi Kristina tattoo, and posted to the social media site about his hopes for her recovery. "Thank you for all your prayers. She is a strong person and will pull through this. Continue to pray for her," he tweeted Sunday.

While he has stayed pretty quiet since Bobbi Kristina was admitted to the hospital on Jan. 31 after being found unconscious in her bathtub, Gordon is now speaking out and paying tribute to his girlfriend as he hopes for her recovery. On Feb. 13, he released a statement via his lawyer saying his "only concern is the recovery of Bobbi Kristina."

Then on Sunday he shared the tweet thanking fans for their prayers and updated his profile and cover photos to honor his girlfriend. His profile picture is of the new tattoo reading "Bobbi Kristina" across his forearm, and his header photo is of himself and his girlfriend beaming at the camera.

It's been a difficult time for Gordon throughout all this. Rumors have circulated that he's being investigated for abuse, and Brown's family has barred him from visiting Bobbi Kristina in the hospital.

But despite it all, Gordon remains dedicated to Bobbi Kristina's recovery and it seems he will continue to pray for her and honor her on social media while he waits for good news.

Image: Nick Gordon/Twitter