The Spice Girls Dolls Commercial Awards

No matter what else may or may not transpire before I brush my teeth, put my PJs on, hop into bed tonight, I doth declare this Tuesday a terrific success. No, I did not finally beat Level 12 on Mean Girls: The Game: Return of the Plastics (but damn if I am not giving it my best effort!). This morning, the ante was upped when I took a weird turn on the Internet and wound up watching old TV spots for Spice Girls dolls. I don't know how it happened, exactly. (Sure, I could check my browser history, but what's the fun in that?) I blinked and BAM. There I was. Staring at multiple commercials for the dolls made in the likeness of the best-selling girl group of all time. And now I really really really wanna buy all of the Spice dolls on eBay-zig-ah.

Note to self: Next time I visit my parents, I have to find my Ginger Spice doll and bring her home with me. She should be on display, not cooped up in a storage tub. I've done wrong by my Ginger Spice doll. Hopefully, it's not too late to fix things.

The adverts below did not air in the US of A, so these old commercials are brand spankin' new to me. Each is beautiful in its own way. Each deserves to be honored. That being said, I decided to hand out awards to all of the videos.

Without further ado, let us begin the Viva Forever Spice Girls Dolls Commercial Awards.

The If You Can't Dance To This You Can't Do Nothing For Me Baby Award goes to:

When the Posh Spice doll bounces around that lava lamp? GOLD.

The We Need Five For The Power Of Spice Award goes to:


The It's Giving Us Everything/All That Joy Can Bring Award goes to:

The Spice Doll choreo in this one is legendary. Above and beyond. And though the more complicated moves are truly spectacular, it's the little moments that really get me. When the Posh Spice doll and the Scary Spice doll look at each other and nod? Wonderful.

And that's it for the Viva Forever Spice Girls Doll Commerc— Wait, what's that? There's one more video to watch? A video that is not an advertisement, but is too magical to not include?

You're welcome.