7 Things The 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Sequel Needs

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few years, then you know about the bestselling phenomenon that is Fifty Shades of Grey. And you also know that Fifty Shades of Grey as a novel is a divisive work at best. However, the film of the novel is generally agreed to be far superior than the book itself, and the box office certainly speaks for itself. Not only did Fifty Shades of Grey break a box office record for February debuts, but it's also been greenlit for both sequels — though, admittedly, that happened before the film even came out. Still, even diehard fans of the book series would tell you that the end of the movie is lacking in a certain kind of way. As in, it's a giant cliffhanger leaving open the option for more movies. But what should happen in those movies?

Of course the following two films in the trilogy will follow the sequel books Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed. Read those, and you already know exactly what to expect from the other movies in this franchise. However, Fifty Shades of Grey still managed to surprise dedicated book readers, and there's no doubt that the sequels will be the same way. Here are seven things we'd like to see in the sequels.

1. Rita Ora Getting More Than Two Lines

Sure, Ora has already promised us that her character has a larger role in the subsequent two movies — and book fans know that this is definitely true — but her role as Mia in the first film was hyped up to be a lot more than it actually ended up being. We really need to see her shine from here on out, because the fact that she has a French accent and the rest of her well-traveled siblings do not is very interesting and very unexplained by the film. (Unless you count her just coming back from Paris as an explanation. Which it isn't.)

2. Ana And Kate Hanging Out Without The Guys

Ana's second most important relationship in the first film is with her roommate, Kate Kavanagh, and I'd really love to see more of that in subsequent films. I understand that Christian and Ana's relationship is always going to take precedent since the movie is about them, but I definitely think the film could have benefited from working in more scenes of Ana spending a quiet night in with Kate, watching films, doing nails, and just being girls — without the Grey brothers hovering around physically or conversationally.

3. Grey Family Dynamics Being Explored

We got to see the briefest flash of Christian's family when he brought Ana to dinner, but I'd certainly love to see more of them. Why was his mother completely unruffled by the fact that her son was clearly just having sex with Ana five seconds before her arrival? Why did everyone welcome Kate and Ana into the Grey family with open arms without a trace of awkwardness of gold-digger suspicion? How did someone like Christian come from such a jovial family? I need more Grey family dynamics and I need them now.

4. Ana Staying In Control Of The Relationship

Say what you want about Christian being dominant, but it was Ana who was keeping him on his toes throughout the entire film. She pushed back against every restriction that he set for her, forced him to confront the motivations behind his hot-and-cold behavior, called him on most of his crap, and then left him when he made it clear he wasn't the right guy for her. The Ana Steele of the film was a lot stronger than the Ana Steele of the novel, and I'd love to see that same strength of character carry over into other films. (For example, can we change the fact that Fifty Shades Darker opens with her going back to him a week later?)

5. Diving Into Jose's Backstory

Remember Jose? It's all right if you don't, because the films also forgot about him. He showed up about three times early on in the film, and he and Ana seemed really close, and then he got too handsy with her at a bar and was subsequently never seen again. Unless Christian killed him and buried his body in the woods he takes Ana to later in the movie, I can only hope that he returns so we can explore more of what I'm sure is an interesting backstory as Ana's friend.

6. Jamie Dornan's "Todger"

I can't be the only one thinking this. We saw plenty of Dakota Johnson in Fifty Shades, but Dornan warned us before we even bought our tickets that we wouldn't be seeing his "todger." Maybe he'll change his mind in later installments.

7. More Sex Scenes, Please And Thank You

Of the many, many, many sex scenes in the novel, only about four of them made it into the movie. Let's fix that. Like, quickly.

Image: greyxsteele/Tumblr; YouTube